About Us

ECHO Colorado is the Colorado adoption of a vision started at the University of New Mexico by Dr. Sanjeev Arora. Dr. Arora worked at one of only of two clinics in New Mexico that treated Hepatitis C, yet he recognized that thousands of patients across the state could benefit from his expertise. He created Project ECHO so that physicians in their local areas could gain the appropriate knowledge needed to treat Hepatitis C locally. This approach has been used now for many other health conditions.

Here’s Dr. Arora and his story:

ECHO Colorado is a replication site of Project ECHO in New Mexico. We are committed to sharing the vision to de-monopolize knowledge. ECHO Colorado is designed to be a multi‐organizational collaborative system to take advantage of the many topic experts and organizational networks that exist across Colorado. The ECHO Colorado program focuses on increasing capacity for both clinical patient care and for disease prevention. The following objectives for ECHO Colorado were developed during a year long planning phase, with broad input from stakeholders across Colorado:

  • Enhance capacity to provide whole person health care within the context of communities
  • Enhance capacity to improve disease prevention outcomes across Colorado
  • Increase access to specialty care, and services such as mental, oral and public health
  • Create opportunities for peer learning to improve patient and population outcomes
  • Enrich professional development and reduce professional isolation
  • Allow all providers to practice at the top of their scope

To learn more about Project ECHO at The University of New Mexico visit their website.