Changing primary care providers’ front line
experiences into policy and action

This weekly series focuses on topics that highlight how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed primary care and the health care landscape. After an introduction to the weekly topic, sessions center around stories from community providers, augmented by an interactive discussion.

Providers have the opportunity to submit real world data and stories around what is happening to their patients and practices. These experiences are captured and the data analyzed to develop themes and trends. Through collaborations with policy experts and state partners, the themes and trends from this ECHO series can be used to develop policy levers to effect positive change. These policy levers will be fed back into the community of participants for continued engagement and action.

Weekly topics include telehealth, payment reform, practice management and addressing the social needs of patients. Future topics will evolve based on what is needed to ensure the survival of primary care practices, and realign primary care as foundational to the health care system.

Primary Care Voice: Advocacy and Innovation Leveraged

Primary care providers in Colorado

Weekly ECHO sessions held virtually
Fridays 7:00 - 8:00 AM MT

New dates coming soon!

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