Knowledge held by one has
the power to change lives.

Knowledge shared by many has
the power to change the world.

Connection is the key to expanding the power of knowledge—
to putting the right knowledge in the right hands where it will do the most good.

As those with knowledge are connected, thinking is expanded, and problems are solved in new and interesting ways.

So, let’s all come together to share what we know and build on what we’ve learned.

Let’s leverage technology to overcome distance and establish a collaborative learning community.

Let’s embrace the possibilities of what we can achieve together.

Let’s come together and make our knowledge ECHO.

ECHO is a noun. It’s a verb.
It’s a whole new approach to spreading knowledge.

ECHO (Extension for Community Health Outcomes) Colorado gives voice to knowledge. We offer a unique platform that provides health professionals and those whose work impacts health the opportunity to be part of a community where experts and peers share knowledge and experience using technology, not proximity, to connect.

ECHO sessions combine the interactive learning and case-based sharing aspects of an in-person training with the improved access and convenience of connecting through an audio and video-based online experience.

We seek out thought leaders and experts in health and health-related fields, and we work with them to create learning series around specific topics and current health issues. We then use internet-based video technology to bring these partners together with professionals from all areas of health who can benefit from instructional learning combined with interactive discussions of their own topic-related experience. Collaboration is key and the foundation of what it means to ECHO.

ECHOing the ideas of Project ECHO and beyond.

The ECHO Colorado approach is an extension of the mission and vision set forth by Project ECHO, the brainchild of Dr. Sanjeev Arora at the University of New Mexico. Dr. Arora initially created Project ECHO to give primary care physicians all over New Mexico the clinical knowledge they needed to treat hepatitis C locally. This initial effort was so successful, it was then expanded nationally and globally across a wider number of care initiatives.


ECHO is what happens when people unite
to help everyone foster change.

A variety of complex issues exists across the health spectrum. Fortunately, there also exists an abundance of people with great ideas, but they often operate in isolated pockets. To ECHO is to bring those working toward a common goal together to share knowledge.

Which is precisely why we created ECHO Colorado—a nonprofit dedicated to increasing everyone’s capacity to manage complex health issues by using technology to bring professionals from all disciplines together to share knowledge, experiences and viewpoints with one another.

We, at ECHO Colorado, are all health professionals from either the clinical or public health world who realize the power of sharing knowledge across miles and across disciplines. We also realize that experience is as valuable a teacher as academic training, which is why the approach we use invites active discussion and expands the knowledge of every person who is involved with an ECHO.

It’s easy to make knowledge ECHO.

The ECHO approach is designed to make it as simple as possible for people to share knowledge. We leverage a cloud-based video platform that brings all those who are part of an ECHO together from wherever they may be. There’s no need to buy any special software, and if your computer lacks a camera, we may be able to provide you one to use. It’s all part of how the ECHO model makes it easy to connect.

The true power of the ECHO
is the power of partnerships.

While ECHO Colorado is dedicated to expanding clinical and practical knowledge, it’s not something we could do without the direct support of our partners. These groups and organizations provide invaluable guidance, expertise and resources that help us deliver ECHO series that are relevant and beneficial for everyone who participates.

For information on becoming an ECHO Colorado partner, click here to contact Kory Thomas, our Assistant Director.