Even the smallest ECHO
can resonate across miles.

ECHO Colorado does not succeed alone. Our partners are the foundation for our success and our reach. They help guide us. They help us grow. Above all, they help fuel our dedication to spreading knowledge as far as the ECHO can reach.

We look to our partners to provide ECHO series topics that are current and relevant across Colorado and the world. They also use their resources and connections to fill ECHO session seats at all levels: they facilitate ECHO sessions, they provide experts to fill the panels, and they seed the list of possible participants from their own contact rosters. Our partners truly make the ECHO model come to life.

For information on becoming an ECHO Colorado partner, click here to contact Kory Thomas, our program manager.

Current ECHO Colorado Partners

The following collaborating organizations are strategic partners of ECHO Colorado and help our efforts around needs assessment, marketing and ECHO series implementation.

  • The Colorado Association of Local Public Health Officials (CALPHO) is a nonprofit association linking the local public health agencies across Colorado in collective learning and information sharing.

  • The Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN) is focused on increasing access to high-quality health care for people in need in Colorado. CCHN represents the 19 Colorado Community Health Centers (CHCs) and is committed to supporting them in maintaining the highest quality of care.

  • The Colorado Rural Health Center (CRHC) is Colorado’s nonprofit State Office of Rural Health. CRHC works with federal, state and local partners to offer services and resources to rural health care providers, facilities and communities.

  • Denver Health includes both the treatment and prevention sides of health care and public health for the greater Denver area, including both medical specialty care and community‐based primary care in an integrated system.

  • Colorado Area Health Education Center (CO AHEC) includes a State Program Office and six regional offices covering all of Colorado to increase local capacity for health care and health improvement through training and community development.


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