Zoom Support

ECHO Colorado uses Zoom, a video software platform, to connect with all of our participants for our sessions. This means everyone is on camera to interact live, in real-time. Zoom is easy to use and requires low-bandwidth. Please see below for technical assistance and a test page where you can test Zoom on your device on your own time.

Zoom “on-your-own” Test Link

Click here!

Desktop/Laptop: If this is your first time using Zoom you will be asked to download and install the browser extension. Please do so, then exit your browser and click here again.

Tablet or smartphone: You’ll need to download the Zoom app ahead of time.Then enter the following address into your tablet/smartphone browser: “zoom.us/test” (your device will prompt you to choose the Zoom app to open the page).

Test Your Video

Click on the carrot next to the video icon and choose “Video Settings.”


If you can see yourself, your camera is working!


Test Your Audio



The Zoom support pages can be very helpful, or you can stop by our regular support hours.